My 10 most important albums ever…

Whilst I don’t want to get into a habit of copying and pasting content from my Facebook on here this one is kind of relevant as it will give you an idea of my musical tastes which will form a significant portion of my updates (and just because I am a fan of lists). Its a bit roughly written as I typed it on my phone last week as part of the current Facebook trend of posting the albums that “have stuck with you”. I stress it is in no particular order and is subject to constant change. If you to ask me to produce this list again next month probably about 50% of it would change.

10) Like You Do… The Best Of The Lightning Seeds – Feels like a bit of a cheat to put a greatest hits album on a list like this but this was the album that introduced me to a world of music beyond the top 40. I first played this album on my parents stereo as a 10yr old who loved football and wanted to hear “Three Lions”. I then discovered there were plenty of other really good tracks on the album and was asking for a CD player of my own for my birthday and HMV vouchers for every Christmas and birthday through my youth. The journey started here.

9) Guns N Roses – Live Era 87-93 – My first live album and one of the first rock albums I ever owned. It introduced me to a world beyond studio recordings.

8) Pearl Jam – Ten – My favourite debut album of all time. An album to suit almost any occasion and every track an absolute classic.

7) Soil – Re.De.Fine – I was in HMV at 9am the day this album was released. As somebody who generally listens to mixed artist playlists over full albums its rare for me to listen to any album without skipping a track after the first few play-throughs but this is one album where I cannot skip a single track.

6) The Wildhearts – The Wildhearts Strike Back – Another live album on the list. Anyone who has known me for more than 10 mins will know how much I love The Wildhearts. In truth I could make up this entire list of Wildhearts and Ginger Wildheart albums but this was the one that introduced me to the band and started a journey that lead to me naming their most recent album (fittingly another live album).

5) Machine Head – The Blackening – Whilst my musical tastes have mellowed a bit in recent years, during my youth I was all about the heavy stuff. This album was an absolute game changer. I was given it on my 20th birthday and spent that afternoon with my headphones turned up to 11 blasting this album. It remained pretty much on repeat play for the next 18 months.

4) REM – Automatic for the People – One of the first albums that introduced my teenage self to a world beyond heavy metal.

3) Black Sabbath – Heaven & Hell – I may be in a minority of people who prefer Dio era Sabbath to Ozzy era Sabbath but this album is just absolutely perfect. An example of an album where every member of the band is at absolute peak form for every track including some of the finest riffs by my all-time favourite guitarist Tony Iommi.

2) Feeder – Echo Park – A large part of the soundtrack to my uni years. One of the few albums everyone in our house agreed we liked so it got played A LOT.

1) Volbeat – Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood – There are a small handful of bands who grip me enough that I have flown to another country specifically to see them. Volbeat are one of them (The others are on this list too). The title track to this album introduced me to them, at the time like nothing I had ever heard. Hooked me instantly and hasn’t let go since.

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