Checking back in and a promise…

Apologies for the recent downtime on here, the recent media focus on how our online date is shared lead me to review my own online accounts and how open to abuse they may be. Its genuinely insane how many online accounts you accumulate over the years and it’s alarming that the more honest you are about who you are the easier it is to identify and track your activity across the various websites you subscribe to. We are often being warned about people hiding their identity online but it seems that if you want to protect your own privacy you have to hide who you are. As somebody who relies on social media to maintain many of my friendships such as with the people I refer to as my “gig-family” and my friends in my hometown I have always tried to keep my online persona as streamlined as possible. This is entirely for the sake of convenience, it take enough of my energy keeping track of my actual persona let alone having to maintain any additional ones. This is why my blog has been offline for a while, I wanted to review how I publish myself online and ensure I wasn’t offering up anything that could compromise my interests (particularly as am planning to begin looking for a new job later this year). As things stand I am not planning to make any sweeping changes to the content on here, I will try to be as honest and open as I can be when I am writing about anything personal, I have no intention of using this blog to throw a written rose-tinted filter over my life but I am also have no intention of dwelling on anything negative. I am probably going to focus more on non-personal posts but with my dissertation being something that has been inspired by my experiences with the gig family it is likely that I will occasionally refer to those experiences. As I am well aware that the majority of the people reading this are probably people who do know me personally I wish to re-assure you that I will not post anything that may allow others to identify you (No names, initials only) and will not post anything about you that I feel you would not want shared (Nothing that I feel we wouldn’t talk openly about in the pub). However, if any of you see anything on here that you feel does reference you that you would rather it not be on here please do contact me to remove it ASAP and I will remove or edit it accordingly.

Again, apologies for the recent downtime, normal service shall resume shortly


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