An invitation to assist with my dissertation…

Hi all,

Seeing as yesterdays blog post about my one week vegan adventure seems to have gained me several new followers – if they guy reading the last post from Kenya is also reading this post then a particular “hello” to you! When I started writing this blog I expected it would only be seen by myself and a couple of my facebook friends, I never expected it to be read in Kenya! (maybe I should tag all my posts with “vegan” regardless of what they are about)

So I figured I would take advantage in this brief surge in attention with a bit of shameless self promotion. For those of you newcomers who haven’t read back on the previous posts (Sorry to disappoint you but this is not actually a veganism blog), I am currently working on a dissertation for a masters degree in Cultural Heritage Management. The title of the project is “Scenes of Heritage” and it focuses on the cultural and communal value of live music venues with a view to protecting them from the increased risk of closure that they currently face.

A key part of my study is an online survey of fans of live music so if any of my new found vegan friends also happen to love live music I would very much appreciate it if you would follow the link below and spare a few minutes of your day to answer a few questions about your relationship with live music and the places that host it.

At the time of writing this I am six people away from the minimum number of participants I was hoping to attract with three weeks to go before the survey closes so it would be great if you guys could tip it over the top.

Thanks for reading and particular thanks for those of you who take part in my survey.


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